striving for excellence!

supports you in achieving your business goals

of operational excellence where each employee contributes to success

to develop tomorrow’s knowledge and prepare for industry 4.0

Optimizing the supply chain

Take your business processes to a new level of performance and fluidity to increase customer satisfaction and your bottom line.


Develop your organizational agility thanks to a co-creation approach focused on innovative solutions.




Our inclusive approach, greatly inspired by the Lean Six Sigma culture where all team members contribute to improvement and innovation, fosters sound change management and increased employee commitment, leading to sustainable solutions. Workshops, field observations, and knowledge and expertise sharing in multifunctional communities of practice are essential for developing and maintaining new organizational competencies. This approach allows us to develop, based on your existing processes and in keeping with your culture and vision, personalized solutions that will take your company to new heights.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean, which originated from Toyota in Japan, and was so named when it was introduced in North America, is an organizational culture that aims to train all employees to improve performance to create customer value by reducing waste (muda), minimizing variability in market demand (mura) and limiting excessive use of employees and equipment (mura). Six Sigma, a methodology developed at Motorola, is a data and fact-driven philosophy that aims to prevent defects. Together, Lean Six Sigma, based on project management principles, improves customer satisfaction and performance.

Your advantages


Adoption of company mission and vision by the entire organization

Evolution of the supply chain into a strategic pillar

Value creation through an integrated supply chain

Cash flow improvement

Decreased operational costs

Improved cost control

Improved production tracking

Decreased or eliminated waste

Reduced environmental footprint

Improved eco-friendly image of the company

Creation/improvement of employee commitment

Labour retention

Understanding of the contribution of everyone’s work towards company objectives

Increased innovation capacity to face the greatest challenges and find new goods and services ideas

Increased customer satisfaction

Alignment between customer needs and strategic objectives


The Greek word for “excellence”, Aristeío is our motivation to always aim higher and reach new heights. We are inspired by philosophers and their search for knowledge, the very basis of human know-how.

Our mission: To support companies and public organizations, both in Canada and internationally, through their optimization and continuous improvement journeys, thus allowing them to grow positively and sustainably.

Our goal is to provide our customers with advice and expertise as they explore, co-develop new working methods and acquire new knowledge and skills to reach their business objectives.

“Together, striving for excellence!”

Collaborate, share and discuss in a respectful way in order to find the best ideas among the team members.

Be a responsible corporate citizen in our communities by sharing our expertise to improve the life of our neighbours and our neighbourhoods.

Continuously learn and develop new ideas to stay abreast of new methods and technologies.

Encourage diversity of people, from all walks of life and from all cultures, to innovate and find the best solutions to face our challenges and opportunities.

Be authentic in all our relationships to openly discuss the real challenges in order to better address them.

Act in an honest and transparent way in all our relationships to build trust.

Take actions respecting our communities and the environment.

The founder

Veronica B. Marquez, M. Sc., CSSBB

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Concordia University
Summer school on Management of Creativity and Innovation Certification, HEC Montréal
Master of Science, Operations Management, HEC Montréal
Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, American Society for Quality
Evaluator, Prix performance Québec, 2019

The founder of Aristeío held many positions in various fields throughout her 20-year career in the industry: accounting, marketing, sales, customer service, customer account management, operations, distribution and storage. Her 360º vision of companies allows her to offer to her customers tailored services focused on an inclusive approach. 

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, the foundation of her systemic vision and her approach, provides her with a proven methodology to face changes and evolve in the midst of today’s challenges.

Among her other achievements, Ms. Marquez has implemented performance indicators and visual management tools, and managed nation-wide continuous improvement projects with multidisciplinary teams. She has also facilitated training sessions and working sessions in various fields.

Her eagerness to always challenge the status quo and her motivation to find growth opportunities generate tangible results greatly appreciated by her clients.


For this service category, we focus our approach on business processes. This procedure aims at improving interactions between all departments in the supply chain in order to increase employee participation, improve customer satisfaction and save both time and money.

• Strategic and tactical consulting
• Coaching
• Training
“The only way for the supply chain to evolve into a business’ value-creating strategic pillar is for us to question our actions on a daily basis.”
Examples of mandates

Business process analysis for the selection and implementation of a software package

Development and implementation of performance indicators aligned with business strategy

Improvement of customers' satisfaction

Optimization of transport and warehousing

Analysis and improvement of purchasing strategies and inventory management

Implementation of sales and operations planning (S&OP)

Process mapping and writing

Network optimization

Productivity improvement and performance

Writing and translation of materials in English, French and Spanish


This type of service is geared towards business processes. We aim at improving the organization in order to increase employee commitment by giving employees the tools to identify issues correctly and be important agents of problem resolution. This helps strengthen customer satisfaction and reduce costs.
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker

Deployment of an organisational culture of continuous improvement

Development and implementation of performance indicators aligned with business strategy

Implementation of a daily management system (DMS)

Business Process Optimization

Lean Six Sigma project management and facilitation of work sessions

Lean Six Sigma project management coaching and support

Training and coaching for management teams and employees

Process and Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Writing and translation of materials in English, French and Spanish