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The benefits of Lean Six Sigma

Contrary to Lean manufacturing, Lean management applies not only to production, but to a company’s overall structure. We work with your leadership and all your teams to design, implement and communicate strategies and policies that will have a long-term impact on the quality of your products and services.

In addition, Lean management and the agile Six Sigma methodology are continuous improvement methods that have proven their worth in many industries and sectors of activity. Unlike Lean manufacturing, these methodologies are suitable for service companies, businesses and public bodies such as municipalities.

Lean Six Sigma, for its part, is the combination of these methods and is recognized as the fusion of continuous improvement and operational performance best practices, no matter the industry. That’s why, at Aristeío, we are Lean Six Sigma experts and use it as our primary work methodology.

We operate according to an established work sequence that captures the information we need to identify the right performance indicators and make the right decisions.

Our methodology focuses on the productivity, quality and cost management aspects of performance. Its role is mainly to reduce waste and eliminate defects or variations in companies’ production processes. For us, the Lean Six Sigma approach is much more than a series of tools: it is a corporate culture where we all aim together to achieve excellence every day.

Aristeío supports you from beginning to end as you roll out and start using Lean Six Sigma. Contact us to implement quality improvement tools or to provide executive coaching to decision makers and management teams.

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Increase your teams’ skills and build commitment

We train your teams to learn how to identify problems themselves, work together to find causes, and co-develop solutions. This sharpens everyone’s skills and increases teams’ agility and resilience, which, in turn, contributes to developing successful and sustainable solutions.


Improve customer and stakeholder satisfaction

We perform an in-depth analysis of customer experience (CX) to capitalize on what really matters to your customers. This analysis highlights what customers consider as adding value and how you could better serve them.


Reduce waste

Once customers’ expectations have been identified, we define superfluous steps and tasks that do not add value for customers. Focusing on the right things helps you save resources and maximize your earnings.


Increase productivity

We help you consolidate the previous steps to manage your teams efficiently, eliminate overproduction, properly manage your inventory and logistics and control your deadlines—all of which lead to the next step.


Standardize processes, products and services

We support you in standardizing processes so you can deliver the same quality every time and keep your customers satisfied. This helps us both create a common knowledge pool and work together to improve your performance.


Efficient management of time and priorities

By coordinating your operations and regulating your workflow, you will not only save physical resources, but also valuable time. You will be able to always deliver the right products, at the right time, in the right quantity and in good quality.


Reduce production costs

After performing a comprehensive organizational diagnostic that includes all the previous steps and implementing the targeted improvements, you will see a reduction in production costs that you will be able to sustain.

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Lean manufacturing

The 5S of Lean

We also support heavy industries, municipalities and manufacturing companies in planning and designing production and warehouse spaces.

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Maintaining the elements that were set up in the previous four steps is crucial to keep the work environment safe and optimal in the long term. To help you, we offer training and field activities so you can see the impact of the improvements.


It is important to standardize the new procedures to avoid regressing to the old ways. To do this, we develop monitoring tools and hold discussion meetings and audits.


The first step in our approach is to identify with you everything that is unnecessary in your work environment. The goal is to keep only what is essential to organize work more easily.

Set in order

Then, we create together a well thought-out and ergonomic design for the production line, the store, the warehouse, workstations, etc. Every piece of equipment, every object is arranged in the best way possible. The goal is for everything to be easily accessible and for space to be cleared to avoid accidents and increase productivity. Employees must be able to do their jobs efficiently and safely.


We set up a maintenance schedule with you that includes time for cleaning the work area and inspecting tools and machinery. Monitoring equipment regularly helps you avoid breakage and delays.


To help you achieve your business goals

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