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Supply Chain Optimization

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Aim for operational excellence

Our consulting firm supports you in optimizing your supply chain to make it fluid and efficient. We are known for our big-picture approach and our sharp attention to detail—not to mention our legendary discretion. We notice everything and are just as motivated as our clients to perform ever better. That is why manufacturing, public and service companies across Quebec place their trust in us. Every mandate begins with an analysis of the interdependencies between your organization’s key players and external partners. Then, we analyze the data and observe the work done and the tools put in place. This enables us, in turn, to identify improvement opportunities and create an action plan. This process applies to procurement, stores, manufacturing, warehousing, customer service, and much more.
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Our solutions

For better industrial performance

Make the most of your resources and reach your goals faster! Our team will help you identify your opportunities and implement an action plan that will improve your competitiveness.

Business process analysis

We analyze business processes and production planning to understand the relationships between the stakeholders, the tools and the information that are critical to operations. This helps us prioritize the opportunities that will be most beneficial for the company.

Procurement improvement

Our strategic procurement advice helps our customers reduce costs and optimize operational, distribution and purchasing processes. We also perform a risk analysis of suppliers and strategic items. This ensures that quality is maintained and reduces the production cycle time.

Stock management streamlining

We perform a comprehensive analysis of your stock management and logistical information flow. Eliminating unnecessary elements and standardizing processes help you adjust your production and supply management master plan and eliminate losses.

Transportation logistics optimization

We can advise you on optimizing the various components of your logistics chain such as transportation between suppliers, manufacturing or processing plants, warehouses, delivery points and distribution centres.

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Outsourcing strategy

We guide customers who want to focus their efforts on the operations in which they excel to transfer functions such as warehousing, transportation or production to an external partner.

Analysis and strengthening of the distribution network

A comprehensive analysis of operations, customers and sales volumes helps implement an efficient distribution network while minimizing your operational costs and improving your ecological footprint.

Process documentation

We map our customers’ processes and workflows to identify and analyze failures. This helps us optimize and standardize processes, improve quality and ensure continuity of organizational knowledge.

Analysis ahead of the Industry 4.0 technology implementation

Process automation very often involves computer-assisted maintenance management. We identify the steps of the process that could benefit from robotization and automation and help our clients find the right business partners for a 4.0 technology implementation.

Industrial performance improvement

We coach our clients to define and use both their industrial production and operational indicators. We can then more easily identify weaknesses in your processes and motivate your team to find innovative solutions.

Our past results

Operational performance indicators

These examples of performance indicators that some of our clients have achieved thanks to our advice and their own motivation show just how motivated we are to help you reach your goals.


Increase in productivity

We have supported one of our customers in the food processing sector who wanted to optimize their supply chain to make their operations more efficient. To increase productivity, we identified and developed new processes to implement an ERP and create customer relationship management tools.


In savings over 3 years

A distribution company called on our team to help it eliminate waste and increase its throughput. After analyzing their activities and distribution process through a comprehensive diagnostic, we identified several opportunities that resulted in savings between $19 million and $25 over 3 years.


Reduction in the value of stored stocks

We evaluated the processes of one of our customers in the mining industry and successfully implemented a sequence of adapted solutions. After analyzing consumption and purchases, we reduced the value of stored stocks by almost 40%, resulting in an almost 20% increase in warehouse capacity, which, in turn, helped increase critical product stocks.


To help you achieve your business goals

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