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Continuous improvement

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Once operations have been optimized, implementing a continuous improvement approach is critical. However, without employees and senior management committing to it, achieving this proves impossible. Aristeío is known for guiding and inspiring teams to aim for excellence in how they organize their work. We use training, workshops and coaching to give your employees, managers and leadership all the tools they need to identify problems and be an active part of the solution. By helping them build their autonomy, involving them in the process and making them vectors of change, you focus your efforts, you ensure better customer satisfaction and, ultimately, reduce your costs.
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Our solutions

For sound change management

Integrating operational or structural changes can be complex. Our consultants will help you encourage employee involvement, develop their know-how and communicate your new expectations to them.

Work organization

Our executive coaching service helps managers define their team members’ roles and assign them the new tasks resulting from procedural changes. We also help managers train employees according to the newly implemented methodologies.

Continuous improvement plan

Our continuous improvement consultants help managers develop a plan that follows the Lean Six Sigma steps. This plan guides companies to continuously improve their production, remain competitive and always evolve.

Management coaching

Our team’s change management consultants provide training to senior managers so they can effectively manage organizational structure and procedural changes.

Value chain map

Value chain mapping illustrates all the steps and information the company needs to perform its business activities. It provides an overview of the value chain.

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Our team of business strategy consultants will develop quality improvement tools tailored to your situation and objectives.

Internal communication

We advise managers on the most efficient means and techniques to circulate information among team members. This leads to teams communicating better and feeling heard.

Real-time reporting

You can obtain real-time reports using certain daily management systems. When you do so, managing industrial performance and ensuring that employees are trained in continuous improvement become simpler tasks.

Employee engagement

Our management consulting firm will implement a strategy to motivate and engage your team. Engaged employees are more likely to commit to the company, to take on responsibilities and show initiative willingly.

Management on a daily basis

Your management team will benefit from personalized advice based on the Lean continuous improvement culture. Daily decision making will become easier and faster.

Our past results

Operational performance indicators

To quantify our work, here are examples of the improvements we helped some of our loyal clients bring about.


Improvement opportunities listed

We were able to identify and capitalize on over 175 improvement opportunities to simplify several employees’ tasks. As a result, the project reduced production time by roughly 50%. For a manufacturing and distribution company, this is considerable savings.


Beyond the original target

Our experts conducted an in-depth analysis of a project team’s processes. With an eye to continuous improvement, we ran workshops to identify improvement opportunities and create management tools with employees. The team went on to exceed its initial objectives by 27%, advancing Phase 2 by several months.


Less per year in reporting

One of our clients wanted to lighten their administrative load while protecting their partners’ valuable information. In collaboration with their teams, we created a new tool that evaluates supplier performance and ensures data integrity. Our experts were therefore able to reduce our client’s reporting time by 60 hours of per year.


To help you achieve your business goals

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