Quality: workshops that can make a difference

 Quality: workshops that can make a difference

And so, we come to the end of Quality Month, although quality continues to be a priority throughout the year.   

Have you taken the opportunity to organize any special events to encourage quality?   

What actions have you taken with your employees to engage them in continuous improvement and recognize their efforts?   

We had the opportunity last year to work with an industrial equipment manufacturer who wanted to improve the quality of life of their employees by offering a more structured workspace that would increase productivity.

This company transforms heavy materials into very large industrial equipment. Therefore, their workspaces are immense, and the employees use several types of tools to accomplish their work, which meant multiple trips and searches to find the necessary tools.   

So, they called on us to learn and implement the 5S method. We started with a 2-day training for supervisors, managers, and operations leaders. Then, we helped them think through and implement all the necessary elements to create a tidy, clean workspace that increases productivity and employee safety.

Finally, working closely with the supervisors and employees, we guided the team through the five steps of 5S.   

We have had excellent feedback on the experience and know that these changes have helped to reduce search time and travel, improve their productivity, and continue to develop a health and safety culture that has helped them reach a significant milestone in their history.   

For instance, here is a testimonial from one of the participants:    

If you too would like to support your teams, show them new approaches and offer them better tools to work better.


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