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5S Training

 5S Training

What if 5S training could improve the day-to-day life of your teams?

Loss of information, poor time management, disorganised workshops, disorganised warehouses… are all factors that slow down your performance, cause frustration among your employees and affect your customers?

Then we have the solution for you: 5S Organisation training.

5S method

Some fifty years ago, Toyota understood this. They created the 5S organisation method, then implemented it in all their production lines. With a view to continuous improvement, they developed a solution to increase performance on the shop floor while respecting employee safety.

This visual 5S management approach makes it easy to identify where tools, parts, components, etc. are located. It therefore makes it possible to :
– reduce wasted time
– improve employee health and safety
– reduce hygiene and sanitation problems
– practise team discipline by setting and maintaining work standards.

To read more on the subject, see our article on 5S

5S Training

Aristeío has developed a training programme to equip your teams with the tools they need to apply the 5S method in their day-to-day work, and so optimise your supply chain. And all with a view to continuous improvement!

This 18-hour training course, offered face-to-face (or virtually, depending on location), will also cover Lean Management techniques, with a health and safety component. Your teams will be able to put their knowledge into practice through practical exercises: a way of better mastering their newly acquired skills. To improve buy-in and ensure successful implementation, we strongly recommend including additional hours of coaching for optimum support.

Ready to take the step to improve your teams’ day-to-day work, stimulate team spirit and improve everyone’s performance?

Book your team training here or Contact us to get more information!

5S Training
5S Training

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